F. A. Q.

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Why do you use the Second Life platform?

Second Life is the largest, longest running, and most flexible 3D virtual social networking platform online. It has a strong economy featuring user created content and tools that enhance the Second Life experience. It is free to access and explore as a user, and for commercial ventures from freelance to corporate, a variety of options suitable for all budgets are available for establishing a virtual presence.

Why should we hire you to obtain our virtual land rather than purchasing it ourselves?

If you're a global mega-corporation seeking a long-term virtual presence it would make more sense for you to rent your land directly from Linden Lab, and hire us to customize it to your brand's specifications. However, if you're a small or regional company or a private professional, it would be far more cost effective to go through us. Unlike Linden Lab or large estate managers, we can rent virtual office space by the hour so you don't have to rent for more time than you need.

Can you create a replica of my real world office?

Sure! However, depending upon size and scale, reproductions can take a while to build so we'll need advanced notice. Naturally, we will need pictures of the areas you want represented at your virtual event in order to provide accurate replicas.

Can I make a recurring reservation for an office space?

Yes. If you need to reserve the same time and day on a weekly or monthly basis just let us know.

Can you provide us with a long term space we can use at any time without a reservation?

Yes, of course. However, you might prefer to rent from an estate manager for this type of rental. Contact me to discuss what makes the most sense for you.

What business presentation tools are included?

We set out a whiteboard, projector, & meeting recorder for your use in all conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting space rentals. We can also provide a media screen to share YouTube videos with your clients.

Are the meeting spaces private?

Yes. Our rental office and conference room is on a private lot that prevents unauthorized entry.

What is the point of meeting in a virtual office when I can FaceTime or Skype?

Virtual offices are used in situations where you want to create a sense of being in the same room together to chat, play games, and do other activities in real time. After a period of adjustment, you will find that your interactions there feel every bit as valid and meaningful as your in person meetings.

Most importantly, Second Life has been around for 17 years and when properly set up a private region does not have the security flaws video solutions have. No one will be able to hack into your meeting to bomb it with unwanted advertising or hate speech. Our environments are extremely secure.

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