Amaze Your Students.

Ages 13* - 113

Students of all ages will love learning on your virtual campus.

Creative Solutions

Teach in ways that are impossible in a physical classroom and watch as your students delight in the learning process once more.

Your School - Your Vision

Small/large, archaic/sci-fi, cheery/dystopian, realistic/fantastical - whatever your vision, we can build it!

Discounted rates for schools and non-profits

Teaching Younger Students?

Schools seeking to open a virtual campus for children ages 13 - 16 are required to obtain their land directly from Linden Lab. When working with us, we will act as your liaison during the procural process and will build your area to suit, but the monthly rent for your campus server space will be paid directly to Linden Lab.

Educators that teach adults can reserve a single classroom, a building, or a full campus through us. You can also rent a room for tutoring by the hour, day, or week.