Sim Design & Management

Our approach to environment architecture.

Your Imagination - Our Innovation

With over eleven years experience in sim design, we know how to create everything you want using fewer digital resources so you'll never pay for space you don't need.

According to Your Need

We design spaces according to their purpose. A single office needs far less ground area than a university campus. Lot size is selected based upon the number of projected concurrent users, and the size of the build requested.

Changing Seasons & Holidays

We make sure your virtual world rotates with the real one, changing seasons and cycling through your chosen holidays.

Content Customization

We orchestrate office interiors to seamlessly coordinate with your corporate brand through meticulous placement of logos and subtle use of brand colors in furnishings and decor.


Every texture, object, animation, script, and sound that makes up your 3D simulation uses server resources. We only create and use optimized assets for improved performance.

A Few Areas We Designed

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