What social distancing?

Immersio Media helps companies with distributed teams stay connected and productive using virtual work environments that save time, money, and the environment.

Who Hires Us

Many individuals and organizations can benefit from having a virtual office. Here are a few of the most common groups we help.


We replicate authors' universes to give their readers a chance to explore their stories and interact with their worlds in 3-D.


We bring locations together in one virtual space, saving companies' time, travel, money, and the environment.


We build virtual campuses that make online learning immersive and fun for grades 9 - graduate school.


We provide private and secure meeting spaces for counselors to meet with clients.

The Basics

A Text, Word Doc, & Phone Call Walked into a Bar...

Imagine combining text messaging, VOIP, MS Word and a chat room with a live video game world that's been customized specifically for you. In this new video game world your team can share documents, pictures, links, watch videos, talk and/or text message with each other in real time in this shared virtual space. A virtual world platform makes it feel like you're really there.

Concerned About Hacking? We're More Engaging & Secure Than Video Chat

When you are on a video call with someone there is no denying you are in separate locations. Meeting in a virtual office gives each participant the sense of being in the same place sharing a mutual experience. More importantly, when set up properly, virtual environments are more secure and enable your team to work and socialize together in ways video calls can't. No one will be able to hack into your meeting thanks to the numerous security protections in place, and the unique format makes working remotely fun.

Fully Interactive & Customizable

Each user has a virtual character called an avatar with which he/she navigates through the world and interacts with objects. Both avatars and areas can be fully customized to meet your needs and imagination, whether that's a replica of a warehouse, a virtual corporate retreat in a winter lodge, or a conference room on a space shuttle. The creative freedom of the virtual world makes presentations and meetings more interesting and enjoyable for participants.

Connect Anywhere You Have High Speed Internet

All that is needed to access your virtual space is a free downloadable viewer and a desktop or laptop computer. Whether you're at home or on the road, if you have a viewer installed, and have access to a high speed Internet connection, you can connect to your virtual workplace to attend meetings, training sessions, virtual corporate retreats, or just to socialize with colleagues.

Not Tech Savvy? Or Just Need Videos?Order Machinima!

Typical costs for professional training videos can run companies over $6,000. Machinima (machine + cinema) productions are a fraction of the cost and still offer superb quality for corporate education videos.

The Process



Reserve Your Space

Fill out our registration form detailing the type of space you need, when you need it, and how long you'll be using it.

Whether you only need a virtual office for a single appointment or a large year-round complex with curated care of your virtual environment, we can help!

While waiting for your reserved time, we recommend reviewing the handouts that we provide so you'll be able to use your office more quickly come appointment time.



We'll Create Your Place

If you need more customization than our standard single appointment space offers, we'll procure and set up a virtual location according to your specifications, including creating custom props as needed.


Meeting tools available include:

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Meeting recorder
  3. Attendance tracker
  4. Question queue




We'll walk you through your reserved space before your event to make sure you're up to speed. You can also reserve a team onboarding session so your team can learn how to use the platform together.


We will include documents and refresher videos for you to review before and between your booked events.



Host Your Event

Log in and run your meeting, class, session or event!


We will be online and ready to help during your virtual meeting/event if you need it.

(Re-)connecting your team is just a few keystrokes and a mouse click away.