Which online meeting would you rather see?


Zoom Fatigue is real.

Whether it's through use of a fake background or cleaning house, video conferencing requires preparing the space that will be seen behind you ahead of time. It leads to worrying about unexpected noises like barking dogs or screaming children cropping up mid-meeting. By the time your meeting has started, you're already stressed. Then, for the duration of the meeting, you have to watch an unnatural grid of faces staring at you while also seeing yourself which inevitably leads to worrying that someone might notice the splotch of marinara on your collar.

There is a name for the problems that come with video conference meetings. It's called Zoom Fatigue and it's a real enough concern that Stanford University researchers have noted four conditions of video conferencing that can have detrimental effects upon your team.

  1. Up-close eye contact is overly intense and can trigger a level of stress comparable to that felt with public speaking.
  2. Being exposed to a constant image of oneself on screen is tiring and can lead to self criticism and lowered self esteem.
  3. Needing to remain seated in front of the monitor to participate limits our ability to look around, fidget and move while on a call.
  4. Sending and interpreting facial and bodily non-verbal cues is far more difficult and gestures can often be misinterpreted because one cannot see what is occurring offscreen for the other participants.¹

When you need to have an in-house only conference call, why put yourself and your team through the added stress? We have the cure for Zoom Fatigue. Our Second Life™ work environments are fun, unique, and engaging without being mentally exhausting the way video conference meetings are. In our virtual work spaces, the environments are stunning. There is no physical eye contact, users see only idealized versions of themselves and their co-workers which has been shown to boost self esteem over time. Using voice when meeting in Second Life™ allows freedom of movement. Users are not taxed with trying to interpret non-verbal signals - it is as easy on the senses as a phone call, but far more enjoyable and engaging.

¹ University, S., Stanford, & California 94305. (2021, February 23). Stanford researchers identify four causes for “Zoom fatigue” and their simple fixes. Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute. https://neuroscience.stanford.edu/news/stanford-researchers-identify-four-causes-zoom-fatigue-and-their-simple-fixes

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