What's Included?

While creating a Second Life™ account and downloading the viewer required to see the virtual environment are both free, establishing and maintaining a suitable environment for business purposes can be cost prohibitive for many solopreneurs and small businesses. Reserving your virtual work space through us will save you time, effort, and money. Furthermore, you can be assured an excellent experience meeting in our work environments because as experienced Second Life™ users, we know what you'll need to hold a successful meeting and our status as an official third party service provider for Linden Lab ensures the services and work spaces we provide are top tier.

Silver & Gold Level Reservations

All silver and gold level reservations include the following features:


All environments developed in Second Life™ run on servers owned by Linden Lab, which in turn leases server space to consumers at a premium. By meeting in our spaces, you avoid these high costs and pay only a small amount for use of our space during your reserved time.


Our virtual business grounds are professionally landscaped and maintained, including seasonal changes that match those of the Northern Hemisphere. We upgrade our grounds as newer technology makes even better scenery possible. We can also provide the desired weather simulation for your meeting.


We provide the complete virtual meeting environment including buildings, desks, virtual whiteboards, chalkboards, attendance trackers, and slideshow/video screens as needed for your meeting.


The default view seen from our 1-on-1 sessions spaces is of Portland, Oregon. We will change the location seen from the office window to another of your preference on request.


We provide, maintain and set up security monitors before each of your reservations to ensure your complete privacy. Only you and the team members you authorize will be able to access the reserved space during your meeting.


We offer support via email, Discord chat, and support tickets for all silver and gold level reservations.

Platinum Level Reservations

All platinum level reservations include the features in the silver and gold levels, plus:


In addition to the email, Discord chat, and support tickets options included in the silver and gold level reservations, platinum level reservations include access to on call virtual support inside the reserved space as needed.


We brand the meeting space with your company logo on business tools and welcome signs to make the area feel like your own during your time with us.


Platinum level reservations include your choice of our available executive suites for meetings. Of course, you can also reserve one of our standard session spaces if you prefer.

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