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Immersio Media is a CGI micro studio based in Portland, OR. We have done projects for authors, small businesses, schools, non-profits and multi-billion dollar corporations. Owner/lead artist/creative director Stacey Sherwood is a Navy veteran with a diploma in graphic design and is anticipating completing her BA in Game Art and Development in early 2024. She has over eleven years’ experience modeling and texturing CGI assets and does web and graphic design as well.

In the new era of social distancing and climate change, working from home is more common and important than ever. Our mission is threefold:

1.  To fight climate change by getting more people to work from home

2.  To provide remote work spaces that are more fun and secure than video conferencing.

3.  To make it easy for companies to use VR for internal meetings

We have chosen Second Life for our VR platform because it is

the longest running and best developed in the field, having been online over 18 years. The Second Life viewer is free for users to download and does not require expensive headsets or other gear to use. However, there is a learning curve that might be off-putting to companies seeking immediate solutions. Therefore, we provide ready-to-use work spaces and teach newcomers how to use the platform. With our help, you can have a successful virtual meeting on day one.

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Help us make a dent in climate change. With Immersio's virtual work spaces, it IS easy being green!

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